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Air Sterilizer Black

Air Sterilizer Black

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    Product Description

    Power requirements: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Power consumption: Up to 120 W

    Remote control: Three-channel

    Body Material: Electrostatic Powder Coated Steel

    Body color: Black

    Dimensions:  L 95 × W 29 × H 34 cm

    Weight, Device incl. filter: 17kg

    Philips/Osram 254nm UV-C: 45 Watts

    Fan: Dual

    Noise level: <53 dB

    Effective coverage: 60 m2

    Average UV-C lamp life: 9000 hr (aprox. 1 year if used 24/7)

    Photocatalytic filter: Hybrid photocatalytic filter boosts UV-C efficiency

    Activated carbon filter: Odor and gas filter (removes Ozone from air)

    CLEANWYND UV-C Air Sterilization machines combine the proven ultraviolet technology with photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) developed by OkyayTechALD™ to continuously and effectively sterilize the air you breathe.


    Short Wave Ultraviolet (UV-C)

    Microorganisms’ cell structure and their DNA/RNA materials are genetically destroyed by short wave ultraviolet UV-C irradiation.

    Photocatalytic Filter (TiO2)

    Hybrid filter (TiO2) is a semiconductor material exhibiting photo active features and decomposes organic molecules when excited with ultraviolet light.

    Activated Carbon Filter

    Surface consists of millions of tiny pores. Harmful gases in the air that have foul odor are absorbed while passing through these pores.

    Silver Layers

    Destroys DNA material while crossing bacteria cell membranes and viruses hence inhibiting their reproduction.



    You can use our products by hanging on the wall or the ceiling with the provided kits or placing on a surface such as a table etc.


    Light-proof enclosure allows operation while there are people present.


    Can be used as long as you desire clean and sterile air.


    Effective on various microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi.


    Easily move to your desired work and life space.


    Can operate in cold, hot and humid environmental conditions.

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